africasiaeuro textile machines – Toyota Ring-spinning RX220 plant

africasiaeuro toyota 220 ring spinning frame
africasiaeuro toyota 220 ring spinning frame

This TOYOTA RING-SPINNING PLANT is now available

The plant features 24 pcs. of excellent Ring-frames with several Ring diameters as per specification enclosed.

Please note that the machines offered are in top condition and can be inspected after prior appointment made.

Contact us for more details and pictures.

Ring diameter: 42 mm
960 spindles 24 section / piece .
23 pieces Ring diameter 42mm .
1 piece has 48 mm ring.


We have 6 pieces Toyota Flyer Machine ; The technical details are 1995 yoc
Toyota Flyer Machine type model is FL-100 .
Flyer Machine 120 spindle.

Machines are in top-excellent conditions

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