Carpet factory

COBBLE ST 91 Sprint
ww 500cm
yoc 1997
Loop pile with jute mover
4 Roller system
Needle bar system is straight
mit creel system but without creel

BRÜCKNER + KÜSTERS + MMB C dyeing and printing system
ww 520cm

Carpet unrolling
Inspection area
BRÜCKNER stenter, 6 chamber
KÜSTERS Dyeing padder, with 110 paint nozzles
MMB Printing, 8 color

complete with crane, preparation container and color kitchen

EMIL Hoogland GmbH
Longitudinal cutting machine
with 5 round knives
ww 500cm

HANNING centrifuge
for samples

THEN Beam dyeing machine, ww 500cm

MENSCHNER horizontale Shearing machine

MENSCHNER horizontale Shearing machine
ww 500 cm
3-headed shearing

for samples

BRÜCKNER discontinuous dyeing machines
for samples

BRÜCKNER discontinuous dyeing machines

ARTOS + BABCOCK Back coating stenter
with 3-headed shearing machine MENSCHNER
ww 500cm, yoc 1993
1. Carpet unrolling
2. Sewing machine
3. U-Box
4. Steamer
5. Kiss coater
6. Latex pre-coat
7. Unrolling secondary backing
8. Guiding secondary backing
9. Lamination
10. Pre-dryer, 4 chamber
11. Latex applicator / Gel foam
12. Infrared zone
13. Dryer 4 chamber
14. Embossing station
15. Dryer 18 + 4 chamber
16. Cooling zone
17. Edge cutting
18. Accumulator
19. Inspection area
20. Accumulator
20. Guiding frame
21. Winder
full packaging system automatically

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