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Dornier H Rapier looms

dornier rapier looms

Dornier H Rapier looms

4 sets
Dornier H Model Rapier Looms

Model HTVM/S
EDU Control Panel
210cm working with
2 Color Weft Selection
Staubli Mechanical Rotary Dobby
Model 2037 – 16 lever capacity
14 levers installed Running 4 Harness
Mechanical Take up
Electronic Let off
Off Loom Take up ( Batcher)
Leno Selvedges
Loepfe Thermal cutters with 2 cutters
With Full width Temples for heavy & Technical fabrics
Each loom supplied with
1 Warp Beam 1000mm diameter
1 Batcher
4 Harness Frames
2 Weft Feeders and Creel Stand
4 Warp Stop Bars
(2) 1989
(2) 1990


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