Picanol Gamma looms

picanol gamma looms -1
Picanol gamma looms -1

Picanol is a  Belgian company producing weaving looms.

The manufacturer has been consistently outperforming the competition in areas of quality, reliability.

The Gamma looms herunder are a older model, yet still much in demand.

Picanol Gamma looms

No. 12 rapier looms PICANOL GAMMA-8-R,

width 1900 mm, year 1998-99, 8 ECS colours, equipped with dobby STAUBLI 2670, 20 shafts, 20 drive levers, Clutch System.

Accessories: 6-8 weft feeders, 12-14 heald frames, 1.5 warp beams diam. 1000 mm, 1.5 cloth rollers, heddles and droppers.

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