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Tesla wreck

Tesla Saga 2 – Are electrical vehicles roadworthy ?

When I first heard about electric vehicles, it sounded well, and above all, it all made a point.

What better than to reduce the carbon footprint, it seemed right to start at the most crucial of all of the polluters: cars.

There only seemed one problem:
If electric vehicles are employed, we need to store a massive amount of energy to power these vehicles.

And with it came the second consideration: We need a large storage capacity in the form of rechargeable batteries.

That brought me to the next question: Which type of batteries.
I knew that Li-Ion batteries are highly toxic.

And for the reason of economical storage and performance, it would be the most sensible form of energy storage.

And this is where all the problems, well – not all – but the majority of, become apparent.

Disposal for one. Where are we to dump used batteries, for recycling Li-Ion is not a popular science to this day. Or is it – I may be wrong.

In any case, on a few occasions, Tesla cars have been up in flames, we know.

On two separate incidents, all included battery caused fires initiated by short circuits.

The last incident was, to speak the least, unprofessionally handled by Tesla Europe.

In my opinion, a series of fusible links within the battery packs themselves ( though it will increase costs overall ), will make the power pack safer.

Also, insulating media will have to undergo scrutiny.

After all, electric vehicles are our future, no matter how we look at the scenarios, which include global warming.

Here is the last part of the TESLA Saga that occurred in Austria recently.

Tesla ordeal in Walchsee

Tesla wreck saga part 2

Tyrolean Dominik Freymuth (57) escaped from the wreckage of his Tesla in the last seconds.

The car went up in flames after an accident six weeks ago.

From then on the disposal of the vehicle became an all-out ordeal.
It finally ended last Wednesday.

Tesla wreck
Tesla gutted wreck

Newspapers reports on the failed disposal of the Tesla vehicle had hit high waves in times of electric car euphoria.

And even the German media waited on Wednesday at the workshop Greiderer in Walchsee.

It finally became apparent: a team of Tesla technicians is coming.

“It is hard to believe that the global corporation has not thought the way from the cradle to the grave to end,” owner Freymuth shakes his head.

He was on the spot on Wednesday to watch the final act around his 102,000-euro racer live.

No certification in Austria

Workshop owner Georg Greiderer had gone in circles for weeks. He wanted to take care of the disposal.

“It failed because the planned partner company of the US group has no certification in Austria,” said Greiderer.

After the fire accident, the fire department had to cool the electric luxury car for 72 hours in a safe container.

At the end of the extensive patience test, the spectacle came to a peak on Wednesday.

Press presence unwanted

A team of technicians had announced their arrivals, but also warned the workshop owner: ‘If the press were on site, they would not start their work.’

Finally, three technicians with a Tesla with Munich license plate arrived on site.

They set about separating the lithium-ion batteries from the body.

Then it was planned to transport them in selected barrels. “The team added a granulate to the batteries.”

The technicians themselves brought a substance,” said workshop owner Greiderer.

According to reports, on Wednesday, the necessary permission for the removal has been outstanding.

Evasive answers

The paper wanted to ask questions about the disposal problem for Tesla.

An e-mail to the press office remained unanswered.

Owner Freymuth also has some questions. On Tuesday, he was contacted for the first time after the accident by Tesla.

On his most pressing concern, that of clarifying the cause of the fire, there were evasive answers.

“Due to the extensive state of destruction, this is probably no longer possible” was the answer he received.

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