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Thailand – No more plastics from 2021


Thailand bans plastic bags from 2021 onwards

Thank you Thailand, for setting an example that will – eventually circle the globe.

This news is indeed a welcoming message.

Living in Thailand

After living in Thailand in the seventies and later throughout the eighties, nineties, and twothousands, I find this news incredibly positive.

Since the early seventies Thailand embarked on a steady path of industrial revolution.

Like most developing countries, there was little concern for the environment.

Klongs were full with garbage, with plastic bags playing a dominant role.

Having seen this menace turning into a monster, I can not but feel over joyful by this latest announcement.

Implementing such measures

To implement such move in Thailand needs a firm hand, and a strong government.

Many industrialists will now have to change their scope of operations.

Industrialists in Thailand will have to rethink

Those in the business for decades with millions of tons of Plastic garbage produced will cease operations.




We never produced LDPE ( low density Poly Ethylene) neither HDPE ( high density Poly Ethylene ) , nor HM ( High Molecular ) products by the way.

Whatever the motiv behind the decision was, with certain aspects pointing to the declining environment, this decision was the right one.

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In fact all other countries must follow suit. It is our duty to protect what is left of our planet.

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