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Date: 2015-09-06 15:50:41

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Tibet monks travel with us in mountain range of Dege Kham |AFRICASIAEURO
Seven years Tibet. Video from the top of the roof – including scenery of the holy mountain qu er shan in Tibet. Quershan mountain is 5500 m in altitude, which has to be driven on unpaved roads before reaching the summit pass. – Along dwindling heights these roads are full of risks, behind each and every corner and curve danger lurks. And despite all precautions – each year 1 vehicle or more are lost during winter, on slippery and icy roads. – Even during summer – when photography was taken, dangerous weather is common. – Tibet Clouds can draw up within minutes and heavy thunderstorms develop – bringing torrents and rain. – A week after I left the house where I stayed was washed away by landslides. All people and friends were saved. Altitude sickness is a common problem in Tibet. When traveling on horseback like we did, horses tend to be stubborn when they don’t know you.
Everywhere you go in the mountains, you can find flowers, red rose, edelweiss, blue flowers, Enzian, purple and yellow cowslip.
We were welcomed by the aunt of our host with a bouquet of flowers, yellow and purple cowslips. They brought it from above 3000 m altitude. Tibetan people are used to high altitude, so they do not have altitude sickness, unlike westerners who do not aclimatize long enough. Enzians are as frequent as in European Alps. I was surprised to find even edelweiss flowers. In Tibet one will find numerous Tibet buddhist temple s, Tibet people are religious and spiritiual, their whole life is guided by buddhist temple principles. The Dalai Lama is their spiritual leader, as well as their ‘ god ‘. One can visit any numbers of Tibetan homes and will find the picture of the dalai lama in homes across tibet, even if dalai lama quotes can not be found ofter, perhaps because they keep it at secret places.
lhasa is the capital of tibet, no visit is complete without visiting lhasa. lhasa is where the tibet astronomical institute is located. We came across tibetan terriers, huge, powerful dogs, which are not afraid of Tibetan wolves nor Tibetan bears, all of these are found in tibet mountains. As a result all tibet people have a tibetan terrier in their homes. their looks are fierce enough, but they show no fear when it comes to defend their masters against bear and wolves as well.

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