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Tina Turner – and her impending last interview with HBO

I remember December 1971. I was 17 at the time she sang ‘ Proud Mary ‘.

It wasn’t like Tina was a star at the time. But I knew then and there this is the voice of a star.

In this little town in Lower Austria, the Nightclub ‘ Loewentor ‘, it was there where we heard Tina ( and Ike ) singing Nutbush City, Proud Mary daily for months.

I was fond of Tina from the start, her voice, her dancing style. I was sad to hear she suffered abuse by her then-husband, Ike.

Later I came to Ghana and heard she had performed here in their great gig ‘ Soul to Soul ‘, in which other greats like Wilson Pickett, Santana, The Staple Singers, Roberta Flack, Les McCann, and Eddie Harris, The Voices of East Harlem, were co-performers.

TINA (2021) Official Trailer | HBO

Bibie Brew and Soul to Soul

Our friend, famous star Bibie Brew ( check out Bibie Brew on our channel for more )was a young lady of 15 at the time and narrated the event that took place in Accra’s Independence Square in 1971.

Also present was Malek Krayem (+), ( Malek on africasiaeuro’s youtube channel ), another famous musician in Ghana’s music scene.

I followed Tina throughout her career, loved the many duetts she sang with Eros Ramazzotti, among others.

Malek Crayem – early participant in Tina Turners Soul to Soul gig in Accra Ghana

Then came the movie Mad Max.

She has settled in Nice and Zurich, and sometimes Dubrovnik ( on her Super Yacht ).

She deserves a good and relaxed life. Her contributions to music shall never be forgotten.

We wish you the best for your future Tina. Africasiaeuro.com , Accra, Ghana


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