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We live in an age which has caused our bodies and organisms great harm.

Never before have we been subjected to so much junk in our food chain.

Much has changed in what we consume in modern times.

It seems we aren’t able to cope with the little time we have left to prepare our food, so we quickly tend to quench our hunger with some of the worst junk foods.

For some, this seems a daily habit. And it isn’t good in the long run.

Today we note another major problem: The case of canned foods – or tinned foods. As the name suggests – it says ‘ tin ‘.

Noone ever paid much attention to what happens inside the can – or tin.

This doesn’t even take into account the quality of the origin of food.

We grab a can and empty it on our plate, garnish it with salad, tomatoes, from other tinned foods.

It’s a habit with far-reaching consequences – and we must be aware of potential risks.

These are some of the recent findings of experts – published by the French Health platform ‘ medisite ‘.

Watch the illustrations translated from French into the English language.

Reading it may save you a lot of trouble.

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