When it comes to a good VPN service we have several choices

After having used several VPN s on three different continents – with mixed results mostly – our findings pinpoint to one in particular VPN service that remains stable even under tough internet restrictions.

I would not recommend one VPN in aprticular but try the TOR browser.


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One service has been tested under hardest conditions. ( Especially when using the Hongkong vpn we noticed frequent blockage by Authorities ).

Due to a smart configuration the ip address is being changed frequently so that the VPN virtual private network tunnel remains open.

You can also smartly switch to other countries, ( U.S., Germany, France, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, etc. )

During our stay in the mainland it was the only way we could access our cloud servers ( as everything concerning Google, and Facebook remained blocked. )

Secure layer encryption is a must today, so your traffic can’t be intercepted – well except those who have access to the VPN.


In certain countries – without mentioning names due to privacy reasons – it remains a necessity.


See you soon.



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