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Welcome to Kazakhstan

Everyone else is rushing by, but I do not care. No more ransom money from me in Kyrgyzstan. Already I see the customs house at the border of Kazakhstan, before that an open barrier.


I roll on slowly, there – a shrill whistle! A uniformed man approaches from a little house on the left.

Crap! Again caught. Descend, show passes, come along. Did I not see that one has to stop here?


No, I have not, I drove at much less speed at which all the other locals drive through. The general waves his log. I know him from the last time.

Then he opens the desk drawer and says, “Thirty dollars.” Of course, in Kyrgyz, but I already know what it means.

I try to mimic the poor student but somehow he does not take it from me. Maybe the white hair(s) in the beard?

In negotiation I am weak, I see fifteen hungry Kyrgyz children sitting around an empty table waiting for the father to bring home food.


I put thirty dollars in the victim’s stock and pull myself together, not to throw another twenty afterwards. Then we can continue the twenty meters to the customs house.


From here on everything moves relatively quickly, YouSong must dismount and take the path for pedestrians, I fight with the motorcycle through two, three stations, before a person with a rather large-cap beckons: “To the left in the hall to the customs control!”.

There the officials are more relaxed, and after the question of whether we carry marijuana with us, ( a question we can safely answer with no ) ( I probably still look like a drop-out ), we do not have to unpack our luggage, yet we keep conversing with the customs controllers beside the motorcycle.


Then the gate opens, and we are in Kazakhstan finally.



Kazakhstan presents itself as a vast, green, hilly country.


A welcome change to the rugged mountains in Kyrgyzstan. It is only about two hundred kilometers to Almaty, the road is in excellent condition and we are longing for the Intercontinental Hotel, where, thankfully, we will stay for two days at the invitation of the company Youngsan.

Whoever envies us now: who wants the Intercontinental and the Sheraton must also take Bachtiyurts roadside makeshift hut, the drivers quarters and the rustic goat shepherds at three thousand meters altitude.


kazakhstan intercontinental
kazakhstan intercontinental

Besides, a lot of Russian stalls and Mongolian yurts are waiting for us.

Tomorrow we will be on our way.




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