Trolls and wannabies ..

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Who hasn’t met them .. lots of ’em.
Nothing gets more frustrating when someone who doesn’t –

pretend he does and fuqs up by putting his crap on the front
page. To reap the credits.

Problem is : In more than one instances, the bosses believe
those individuals.

If you haven’t come across those, count yourself lucky.
In my many years of professional – ( as well as private – life )
I saw lots of such individuals.

Managing a large company with roughly 300 employees,
the owner saw his expenses rise out of wages and staff benefits.

He was as rich as one could dream of only.

Owner of a Bank apart from a cool Million a month turnover,
he decided it was time to tackle this problem by going for
cheaper foreign staff.

I advised against it, but could not prevent him from doing so.
He had made his decision.

He brought in individuals from an Asian country for half the

Turkish cannon balls from 1682
Turkish cannon balls from 1682


He was a man that could not take opposition from any of his

To much of anyone’s astonishment, I decided it was time to move on.

2 years from that date, the senior called me for a meeting.
If I could have a look at the problems they faced.

I went, and what I saw was devastating.The monkey had done a better job than expected.

He had destroyed all that was built in 14 years of dedicated and hard

The partnership broke up, the two partners split.
What I worked for 14 years to built ended up under a
There were inreconcilable differences in their opinions
The company was sold and wound up.

Why am I bringing this story ? :

Many years later I come across the same trolls.
This time in the field of SEO.

People with little clue are cashing in but have little or no
knowledge of what SEO is all about.

Yeah, they heard the term. But know crap.
SEO has changed over the years. Google has made
sure it wasn’t simple as it once was.

To bring a web page to the top, one needs to employ
various tools, and strategies, and above all, effort.

Bosses listen to others, believing
they hear what they want like to.
Looking deeper, those who stand beside the trolls
find mistakes that a troll couldn’t locate.
Quietly the effects are noticable.

Night for night, day by day.
Building hard earned 1 tiered .edu links, going after
2 tiered, 3 tiered links building isn’t that simple.
Establishing social media channels where there were none previously.

Building site reputation is a tedious job.
There is lots of difference between webmaster and SEO.

With culprits floating between:
large sized graphics, slow loading pages, high server latency, over-sized scripts, etc etc… you name it.

No, it can’t be made clear to some jackass who has no clue.
So we build our own network on social media, linking to
all top social media platforms. Posting and highlighting
what matters.

Graphics, videos, twitter, instagram, fb.
And all along hashtags are a spanish landscape
for some, unknown territory.

So a 128 high tiered backlinks are wiped off the seo landscape
after frustration sets in.
Let me see what will happen to your SEO rank after
3 months hence.

Cause it took 3 months of hard work to move your Alexa rank
from 4’600’000 to 2’300’000. Without spending a dime on google, fb ads.

Now lets see.
All backlinks lead knowingly to ROME. When those are moved, you miss the path.

SEO GRAPHIC 2.3.2017
SEO GRAPHIC 2.3.2017

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seo graphic 30.5.2017
seo graphic 30.5.2017

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