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latest trends in Videos

latest trends in Videos

Maybe the best NFT minting strategy


Maybe the best NFT minting strategy

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Date: 2021-10-18 19:41:54


Let’s talk about NFT minting and getting on whitelists.

Getting whitelisted for upcoming NFT drops is more important than ever before. First, premiums on secondary markets are getting bigger – just look at Jungle Freaks, Kaiju Kings and Mekaverse compared to the post-mint periods for Cool Cats and Bored Ape Yacht Club a few months ago. Gas wars are also as bad as ever, and as a result more high quality drops are adopting pre-sale periods.

In this video I talk about how I’m using aggregation sites like, social media platforms and mint scanners like to create a comprehensive funnel for upcoming drops.

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0:00 intro
0:28 I’m changing how I approach drops
1:56 pre-white list stage
2:24 aggregation sites (,
3:18 does pfp art even matter??
4:37 an example of pfp art
4:48 my second filter
5:29 the problem with aggregation sites
6:22 the twitter/discord funnel
7:39 the whitelist problem
8:50 getting on whitelists
9:31 missed drops/stealth drops
10:09 mint scanners (TOOLS)
11:49 the complete funnel
12:02 the pre-reveal stage



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