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latest trends in Videos

How I keep finding blue chip NFTs full checklist revealed


How I keep finding blue chip NFTs full checklist revealed

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Date: 2022-04-27 15:13:25


In this video I go over my checklist for finding NFTs that could potentially hit 10 eth or higher (azuki, bayc, moonbirds, cryptopunks, cool cats, doodles, world of women, cyberkongz, veefriends).

First off, realize that this is a probability game, and that even with the best strategies you’re still going to buy many NFTs that will drop in value, or perhaps crash completely to zero. All we’re trying to do here is develop some heuristics that put the odds in our favor.

What you’ll realize is that a big part of figuring out whether a project has legs is looking at the traction that it’s currently getting and then determining whether the quality of that attention is high or low. That means understanding what factors represent “low quality” attention, meaning what factors tend to only attract newbies and not whales or “smart money”.

This will help you avoid a lot of the traps that lead to buying NFTs that have a hard resistance at 1-2 eth, and that’s more than half the battle.

I also go over the common factors that we’ve seen across the blue chip NFTs that are already dominating the space and how that might help us find the next big project.


0:00 start here
1:22 two different games
3:21 the traps to watch for
6:25 the blue chip checklist
7:10 judging the MEME
8:13 judging the GROWTH VEHICLE
11:12 how to find blue chips early



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