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How did we come to blogging ( via our Textile related business ) some may ask?

Aburi kids
Aburi kids

Interesting question

I recall a visit to our principals RIETER.COM in Switzerland. We were on an outing on the lake Zurich, on a fantastic sunny day.

Yes RIETER has done so well in past and present times. They always take good care of their agents and associates.

Simple company tradition, which I would say has its roots in the proud Swiss hospitality tradition. Welcoming foreigners and friends have made Switzerland what it is today: A magnet for tourists and Swiss lovers.

In return, guests, and hosts, benefit from this mutual sided relationship. I would call the RIETER family, for that is what RIETER is.

Amongst others, we must add.

For being the world’s most renowned Textile machine manufacturer RIETER has other qualities too.

And they are not few.

Quality and reliability

Rieter machinery is the Rolls Royce of Textile machines. Since their forefathers started to mold and cast iron in Winterthur, a hundred and fifty years have passed.

And some of the oldest machines are still in production today.

While it is true that James Hargreaves was the inventor of the Spinning Jenny, the first industrial spinning machine on the globe, Rieter did not waste time and entered the new field of Spinning machine production.

To go back, on this sunny day we were treated by the warm and friendly staff which was lead by Mr. Reto Thom, head of the Spinning division of RIETER.

It was then and there I decided to post pictures of our gathering, amid the beautiful scenery on lake Zurich.

This was my beginning of blogging. And more followed. The first blog was hosted on Microsoft ( never understood why they decided to scrap their spaces live platform, being one of the pioneers of blogging platforms ).

An evening with RIETER.COM


( continued from chapter 1) Years after, maybe ten years after ( not the band ), they made an arrangement to find another host, which turned out to be WordPress.

After our consent, data was shifted to WordPress ( ). lake zurich excursion
With RIETER on lake Zurich

This was my start with WordPress. Ever since then WordPress became my prime tool for blogging.

I use it to write about topics of general interest ( a list of available blogs is included hereunder ).

Every blogger and writer would like the readership to like his posts, to comment ( positive as well as negative ) on his blog.

I have quite frankly desisted from making my blog a platform for commercials.

To post some nonsense ad is not my cup of tea ( I am mainly a tea drinker, rather than coffee ).

So to end our first intro we will post our many other blog links ( sections of interests ).

We hope you will visit all of them.

Have a wonderful day, people around the world.
And stay safe from COVID-19

Links: – Main – 1st wordpress self hosted log – About Shaolin monks – about Spinning Textiles machines – about Fine porcelain art – about alternative Health – about Zen – wordpress hosted Textile site

Also, a number of books have been published


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