Palio di Siena

Palio di Siena: it takes place in Siena (Tuscany). This horse race is held twice each year on July 2nd and August 16th.

Ten horses and riders, bareback and dressed in the appropriate colors, represent ten of the seventeen Contrade, or city wards. A magnificent pageant, the Corteo Storico, precedes the race. Jockeys have to circle three times the Piazza del Campo (the main square in Siena), on which a thick layer of dirt has been laid.

It is common for jockeys to be thrown off their horses while making the treacherous turns in the piazza, and indeed it is not unusual to see unmounted horses finishing the race without their jockeys! Carnevale di Venezia (Carnival of Venice): the Carnival starts around two weeks before AshWednesday and ends on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras), the day before Ash Wednesday.

Masks have always been a central feature of the Venetian carnival. The whole of Venice becomes a platform for the Carnival with different events happening here and there.

St Mark’s Square is usually the hub, but during the nearly 2 weeks of celebrations you’ll find people wearing masks all over the city. The Venice Carnival has its origins in the mid 1100. The fact that masks were worn meant that people could remain relatively anonymous, and it allowed the lower classes of Italian society to rub shoulders with the upper classes.

Opera: if you’re in Milan, don’t miss the opportunity to see the Opera at the worldwide famous Opera house Teatro alla Scala.

The season traditionally opens on December 7th, Saint Ambrose’s Day, the feast day of Milan’ patron saint. All performances must end before midnight; long operas start earlier in the evening if necessary.

The Museo Teatrale alla Scala (La Scala Theatre Museum), accessible from the theatre’s foyer and a part of the house, contains an extraordinary collection of paintings, drafts, statues, costumes, and other documents regarding opera and La Scala’s history.

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The reason of reasons

Quotes from Laozi

The reason that can be reasoned is not the ever-one reason. The name that can be named is not the ever-one Name, Nameless, it is the mainspring of the Cosmos by name, it is the mother matrix of nature.

So be without desire to behold its inner enigma And be within desire to behold its outer image. The two are paired: enigma, image emerging the same, diverging in name.

Their sameness is the riddle, riddled dark with riddles, the entryway to outright enigma.

Tao te Ching Laozi

Bei Chan Shi, Temple of Tao, Xining

Junshan Dao, Island of lost soul, Hunan

There have been many memorable parts of my journeys.

First scene from the Taoist temple of Bei Chan Shi in Xining,
second the island of junshandao in Hunan.

And there will be more, god willing.
Mentioned on August 3rd, 2017 in Santiago de Compostella, Galicia, Spain

Heinz Rainer

africasiaeuro amazon

Trolls and wannabies ..

Nothing gets more frustrating when someone who doesn’t know –

pretends he does – but does not achieve results.

In more than one instances, the boss believes the nonsense.

If you haven’t come across those, count yourself lucky.

Turkish cannon balls from 1682
Turkish cannon balls from 1682


Two years on I went to see what happened, the monkey had done a better job than expected.

He destroyed all that was built in 14 years of dedicated and hard service.

What I worked for 14 years to built ended up under a sledgehammer.

Why :

Many years later I come across same trolls in SEO.

People with little knowledge are cashing in because the boss isn’t able to comprehend.

SEO has changed radically over the years.

To bring a web page to the top, one needs to employ
lots of tools, strategies, and above all, time and time, effort.

Night for night, day by day.
Building hard earned 1 tiered .edu links, going after
2 tiered, 3 tiered links building isn’t that simple.
Establishing social media channels where there were none previously.

Building site reputation is a tedious job.
There is lots of difference between webmaster and SEO.

Slow loading pages, server latency, over-sized scripts, etc etc… you name it.

It can’t be made clear to those without a hint.

Graphics, videos, twitter, instagram, fb.
And all along hashtags are a spanish landscape
for some, unknown territory.

128 high tiered backlinks are wiped off the seo landscape
after frustration sets in.

It took 3 months of hard work to move its Alexa rank
from 4’600’000 to 2’300’000.

SEO GRAPHIC 2.3.2017
SEO GRAPHIC 2.3.2017

SEO ON MAR 02 2017

seo graphic 30.5.2017
seo graphic 30.5.2017



Let’s see in three months where we are.

africasiaeuro trolls and wannabies
africasiaeuro trolls wannabies


Call from the past DONALD TRUMP .. we write the year 2006

Post from 2006 , Katrina and Rita , oil prices, etc.

This is an interesting article from the past. Donald Trump is at the centre of it, and it might be interesting to read.

So, Donald . . . An Open Letter to Donald Trump
Soaring oil and gas prices and the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have finally brought an issue into sharp focus for the public: When it comes to energy, we’re in trouble! We import far more crude oil than we produce in the United States; fully 70 percent of our oil comes from five countries in the Middle East, arguably the most volatile and politically unstable region in the world.

We need to develop sustainable, renewable, safe sources of energy to provide power for our homes and businesses. One real danger is, however, that as the memory of Katrina fades and the prices drop at the gas pump, the public will also lose focus, and fail to continue the pressure needed for politicians to generate change. What we need is a standard bearer – a big, vocal, powerful, charismatic standard bearer.

So, Donald….When are you going to build the world’s first off-the-grid skyscraper?

Just think of it – wind turbines on the roof, sheets of solar panels covering the south side of the building, and, to heat and cool the building, biodiesel, manufactured on site from discarded vegetable oil collected from the best restaurants in Manhattan. In the interior, piped-in sunlight brightens the living area while saving on electricity; a gray-water system recycles water throughout the building and can be reused for showers, baths, and lush gardens on every floor. Bamboo flooring and other renewable materials create a rich ambiance while promoting the concept of green living.

While you’re at it….

How does an “Adopt a Smokestack” campaign sound?

In talking about decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, one alternative being discussed is relying more on domestically mined coal. At this moment, coal burning is already responsible for generating more electricity in the U.S. than any other method. Unfortunately, much of this coal is being burned by obsolete, highly polluting utility plants. In the Midwest alone, over a hundred aging coal burning plants spew out pollutants responsible for acid rain which has killed hundreds of lakes, streams, and rivers in the Northeast. Large amounts of mercury from these plants are deposited in the water and end up in both freshwater and ocean fish, turning one of the healthiest sources of protein into one of the most dangerous – mercury in fish threatens the unborn children of women who ingest it, threatening neurological damage which results in a lifelong sentence of some measure of disability. Airborne pollutants are also responsible for an exponential increase in asthma, particularly in children. Increasing the use of coal without implementing immediate pollution controls would only intensify the pollution and its consequences.

Environmental experts familiar with coal burning plants estimate that it would cost a million dollars per smokestack to decrease the pollutants emitted to acceptable levels. The utility plants themselves have resisted this expenditure, and have lobbied successfully to stop governmental enforcement of environmental regulations; the fledgling Bush administration quickly stopped lawsuits, begun by the EPA during the Clinton administration, which would have forced these plants to implement pollution controls.

So, Donald, where do you come in? With your visibility, your cult status, and your corporate clout, you could easily raise the money to fix every smokestack in the country. NFL and NBA players, CEOs, Hollywood actors, producers, and directors, multimillionaires with old money and new – and don’t forget Oprah – all have the means to donate a million dollars, or more, to adopt a smokestack. We could virtually eliminate the pollution problem from these coal burning plants in short order – much more quickly than will be accomplished by lawsuits and governmental interference. We could offer to fix these smokestacks in exchange for one promise – that the utility plants do not sell their pollution credits to anyone else.

All of the technology needed for both of these projects is available today, and would put this country on the path to sustainability and energy independence in short order. And Donald, you could pull it off, in grand style.

I can see into the future: a Newsweek cover with a picture of a towering Donald Trump, and the title, “Donald Trump Saves the World.” Has a nice ring to it.

Did the writer get it right ? Or ..

What if he or she was correct. 11 years later we will know ..

The time has come ..


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141 plus vids youtube


first is our heart before everything else



Over the last ten or so years AFRICASIAEURO has been recording videos in countries of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

We are aware our videos are not yet as we would like them to be, but we are making an effort towards that.
A lot of videos are being still edited and dubbed.

Much of the footage was taken with simple camera equipment, some dating back to analog times.
Challenges remain to enhance quality.

Youtube has challenges on its own, and we need to see how best we can match those requirements.

All in all youtube remains the number 1 platform to host videos, though we have also posted to sites like dailymotion, vimeo, amongst others.

Exposure comes with time, and we are making every effort to improve in social media. There are many challenges ahead.

Below is our latest playlist :

Top 20 viewed videos |AFRICASIAEURO

Thai food is naturally healthy

There is a piece of a misconception

There is a piece of a misconception that simply because there is lots of freshly cooked food sourced from area things that Thai food is naturally healthy. The majority of the local dishes are very full of sodium, sugar, fat, and MSG. They’re also heavy on carbohydrates and extremely light on protein, with the protein normally being the fattier, affordable pieces of meat, particularly if you take in Thai food from street stalls or the more affordable eateries. The majority of the far healthy Thai dishes come from the North Eastern part of Thailand to tend to be more simple fare like grilled poultry or fish dishes to vegetable salads with a few kind of sauce on top.

This book is just full of all of the standard Thai dishes and teaches you the way to make the sauces all from scratch. Nong became popular after she beat superstar Chef Bobby Flay with her pad thai, in the food networks cooking contest. Before we go into an inventory of The Best Wholesome Thai Food Dishes, let us talk about what you need to generally try and avoid, particularly if you’re aware of calories, heavy carbohydrates, sodium, sugar, MSG, and the like. Thai food is seasoned with fresh chillies, that have capsaicins, these come with a host of health advantages like lowing cholesterol, boosting metabolism and contain plenty of vitamin C.

Choose grilled meats over fried Avoid the foods that are fried Avoid stir fried noodle dishes Choose broth based soups, not coconut based ones. All of the food listed on this list are typical pretty well known Thai dishes that you could pretty much find ANYWHERE in Thailand at most of the restaurants throughout the country. Fighters training in Thailand people trying to lose weight those on Paleo\/Keto\/low carb diets those who want natural, non processed food How to Ask for NO MSG in the FOOD. Thai Phrase: Mai Sai Pong Shu Rot. This phrase actually means No Put MSG.

You’ll find that even a number of the healhtier Thai dishes like Som Tam may have the cooks load them with MSG. By telling the cook this phrase, they’ll avoid tainting the food with high sodium junk. The chicken is usually basted\/marinated with a sort of salty\/sweet sauce and comes with some Thai sweet orange sugary sauce to dip it in. Satay Gai is just a popular Thai dish to may be found both just about any Thai restaurants and at several local street food venders. If you may, prevent the Thai peanut sauce dip which is just packed with sugar and fats. Among the more renowned Thai dishes, Som Tam is in fact pretty healthy.

Lionel Richie song all night long Ghana musician ( appearance of Bibie Brew ) | AFRICASIAEURO

Lionel Richie song all night long ..

Recalling the event in which this young singer interpreted Lionel Richie.

It was totally unexpected, he actually managed to the crowd moving.
Another example of artists that try to copy the big stars ( and get it done so well enough )

Love to hear him over and over again ..

Lione Richies song : ‘ all night long ‘


Video update from youtube Jan 31st 2017

Video updates from youtube Jan 31 st 2017

We continue our video updates on our wordpress site.
Please have a look and leave a like or comment :

Our first video is about Textile machinery, here you can find the top contender and fastest weaving machines available :

TSUDAKOMA AIRJET ZAX looms weaving brocade fabric :

The second video is from Milan Italy. It shows the famous Palazzo Parigi in Milano. We enjoyed a great dinner there with our company RIETER Switzerland.

The third video today shows the marvellous singer Elida Almeida from Cape Verde Islands. She performed in Accra Ghana and we were able to watch her performance.

If you enjoy our videos leave a comment and or like.

Have a nice day

youtube aheneghana

January 30th 2017 – daily videos

Our video campaign – daily videos

Part of our campaign to make our videos more known to our friends and acquaintances, but also to the general public.

In the following we shall show 3 videos :

1. Taiwan tea expert performs tea ceremony on Ali shan mountain Oolong tea – AFRICASIAEURO

2. Gyei du Bley Ambolley – Ghana s music legend performing live

3. Real brokeback mountain where children live in poverty 💇|AFRICASIAEURO