Bangkok , past and present

Countless times we have been here

What makes this city different from other places around the world ?

Perhaps it’s people and their almost mystical smiles ?

Or – unlike other cities around the world – it’s their welcoming attitude perhaps.

People of all races and colors, religion, gender and types find a welcoming attitude.

No prejudice – nor aversion – exists, provided – you play by Thailand’s cultural rules.

There are some things you wouldn’t want to get entangled with :

Advice Nr. 1 – Thais respect their traditional rulers – their Majesties are holy to them. So never ever make any negative remarks about what is their god given right to worship.

Advice Nr.2 – Thais won’t let you get away easily if you embarass them in public. Never insult or attempt to threaten a Thai. Neither in public nor in private. The repercussions might be fatal.

Advice Nr.3 – Thais regard the head as the spiritual sanctuary. This must not be touched nor played with. The worst insult is if a Thai person will be pointed at by someone elses feet. 

Advice  Nr. 4 – Keep your patience. Be calm and don’t show emotions. Don’t insult. And – smile back – no matter what.

If in doubt and you have overstepped your line – wai to the person concerned.

If it’s not too late – it will do wonders.

This reminds me of an almost tragic ending incident in the National park khaoyai.

A group of motorcyclists from Bangkok went on to race their bikes in the park. Making noise and disturbing the Elefants in the forest, they were suddenly surrounded by the angry herd.

Except one , all riders managed to escape.

The last driver found himself challenged by the angry bull who was going to attack. It would have been certain death.

In his dispair the rider thought of nothing else but to wai and bow to the angry Elefant bull, who suddenly left him to follow his herd back to the jungle.

The story was reported in the Thai dailies.

Perhaps it’s all too common nowadays to hurt others, and too difficult to wai and ask for forgiveness.

Here one can see the Elefant and humans in Thailand have some things in common.

Maybe we should take this lesson and do some soul searching within ourselves. 

Take Thailand as an example. 

Wish you have a nice stay in Thailand

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