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BMW Z8 – The Forgotten Ferrari Killer Up to Speed

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BMW Z8 – The Forgotten Ferrari Killer Up to Speed






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The great BMW Z8–a car that knocked modern retro styling out of the park, and sent automotive collectors into an all out bidding war. Designed by the acclaimed Henrik Fisker, and powerful enough to lap a Ferrari on the track–this car is hands down, one of the most iconic BMW’s in the history of the German automotive brand. Inspired by one of the most beautiful, but failed sports cars, the BMW 507, which captivated celebrities like Elvis Priestley, and more–the BMW Z8 roadster, ushered in a new era of automotive styling. Timeless, lightweight, and with a hint of luxury.

At nearly 30 years old, the BMW Z8 has not aged one bit. Find out why boomers and rich old men flock to this dainty beast of a roadster, as we join James Pumphrey’s telling, of the history of the BMW Z8.

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