chinese food 1

How to deal with MSG poisoning

MSG s terrible effects

Today was a nightmare.

We were invited at an upper class restaurant –

where I could once again feature an all out win.

Food looked great.

chinese food 1
Chinese food 1

So was its setting. Fancy location.

Chinese restaurant
Chinese restaurant

At first all looked perfect : Good company, friends,

and superior Restaurant.

Then disaster struck.

After the Hotpot arrived the sauce bowls were filled

with Soy sauce, garlic, Cilantro and Sesame oil mixture.

No one knew it. The dark soy was MSG  – enhanced.

Adding to the problem was the immense heat, the Air conditioning

did not function  well.

The heat, the food, the MSG, did not go down well with my

wife : She fainted.

Struck with no assistance in sight, I forced every person on the place to get the Air con going. Got some cold towel and water.

She felt nauseous and could not take another bite. The scenario was perfect. The symptoms clear :

Swollen lips, dizziness, faintness, and weak, nauseous.

All pointed to extreme MSG poisoning.

Sometimes I blame myself for allowing ourselves to be in such situation.

However this was an invitation of an old friend who we know for many years.


We tried – I tried to keep the party going but it was doomed : The good food was wasted, everyone lost appetite.

The live shrimps on the skewers, the beautiful soybean curds, the beef stripes, mutton stripes, salads, greens, what a pity it was.

My wife was dizzy, she felt sorry, everyone felt sorry and finally we left without having eaten the food. —

Sad but a fact : MSG causes symptoms that are all unpleasant.

What about our vows ? KFC

So from tomorrow we are at KFC again. At least there is no MSG in the food.






One thought on “How to deal with MSG poisoning”

  1. Aftermath : Advice : Drink lots of water, lots. I used half a spoon of activated charcoal powder to ease the effects of MSG poisoning.
    At the time of writing she feels better.
    So – I take it another lesson learned.
    Wish you all an msg free meal.
    bye for now

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