via: – South of France Nice street drummer 🎼
Gambia refugee – Videos recorded by Nicecotedazur ( with permission of Monsieur Camara , of Kindia, Guinea ).
Percussionist from The Gambia and Guinea presenting African drumming par excellence to the public in Nice South of France on a January morning.
As experienced Africa expert on African affairs, I find it welcome to inform the public of African culture in Europe.

What more than our Gambia Africa percussionists, who is an expert drummer , and knows rhythm . Cape Verde percussionists accompanying them on the music jamboree.

A drummer boy gets paid nothing in return for his music, except the occasional coins or even a Euro note.

Inspite of this they continue their magnificent display of culture to show all their skill, a drummer boy has no regrets , only pleasure.

Fingers sore, hands numb, they continue to pound their drums much to the delight of passers by and onlookers alike.

He reminds me of previous footage taken in Ghana * see – African drummer boy. My personal experience with African drumming reaches back to the seventies and eighties, where I attended several collegs with African drummers in Ghanas school of drumming in Kokrobite, on Winneba road in Ghana West Africa.

In the Expo in Hannover we were invited to the African drum stand of Guinea to perform in front of a large crowd, which enthusiastically came and surrounded the exhibition stand.

With my friend Thomas I performed alongside of such great drummers like Sidibey who lives in Germany and whose father I know from Guinea Conakry.

There was much applause from the public when we performed and played on the african drum.

There is another video I took in Accra Ghana during a performance of an Ivory Coast drum percussionist who happens to be our friend Constance Boti. His performance was equally impressive and can be seen on youtube amongst our videos

African drums Malinke drum in Guinea

These drummers however put everything I saw till today in their shadow.

African Malinke drum are up to 2 m tall, and they are still until today used to communicate between the villages, up to a distance of 40-50 km !

The African drum beats used are so loud during the night, which won’t let one sleep until 4 a.m till they finally fall silent.
Visit the Gambia – Good Reasons to Go to Africa’s “Smiling Coast”

The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa, but quite possibly offers the warmest welcome. Situated on the west coast of Africa it has been dubbed as “The Smiling Coast” and it is easy to see why. As soon as you arrive the locals meet you with a warm genuine smile.
The Gambia is surrounded by Senegal to the north, south and east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Tourism plays a huge part of life in The Gambia and I have compiled a list of good reasons as to why you should visit.
1. There is no jet lag. The Gambia is just a six hour flight from the UK.
2. For the weather, Gambia offers guaranteed sunshine with average daily temperatures over 30°C!
3. There are an excellent range of restaurants in the Gambia, from local takeaway to Chinese, Indian, Lebanese and Italian
4. The Gambia is one of the safest destinations in the world, with a very low crime rate and attacks on tourists are extremely rare
5. The Gambia offers a good choice of hotels – from 1* no frills to 5* luxury spa hotels.
6. The Gambia offers good nightlife, Kololi (or Senegambia as known locally) has a excellent range of lively bars
7. Fantastic beaches. The Gambia offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa to enjoy the hot sunshine.
8. Good range of flights from UK airports. Flights to The Gambia are now available from London Gatwick, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester airports.
9. Over 500 different species of bird and is one of the best destinations for bird watching.
10. The Gambia is excellent sea and creek fishing.
The Gambia is a former British colony and only gained independence on the 18th February 1965 so English is widely spoken by local people. The Gambia is a peaceful country and has a population of around 1.5 million people. Religion is made up by 90% Muslim and 10% Christian and other religions.
Have a look at Gambia destination guides for further information on the various resorts you can visit. If you do go I can guarantee you will return home with a smile on your face!


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