THE EMPEROR’S FEAST – Zhang Dongguan, who was a culinary genius, was a bully in the ordinary man’s eyes.





Countless restaurants in Suzhou featured cooking. However, he had two great things in his hand: he could do magic tricks and acrobatic chopping; A tongue that could taste all the ingredients, and good tastebuds to argue with, and he could recite a large section of the name and the whole book.






Zhang Dongguan had many dreams. Since he could not cook, his goal was to become the owner of the largest restaurant in the world.

When he met Lu Xin, a famous chef in the south of the Yangtze River, and his daughter Lu Meimei, his dream was “to be a man in charge of Lu’s cabinet, to marry a wife to marry Lu Meimei.”


He loved to listen to reviews and heard to “Hao Meimei” and wanted to be a dragon bag. Listen to the “Hung Men Banquet” want to be Fan Yo, listen to the “chivalrous biography” want to become a swordsman to eliminate violence.



Emperor Kangxi paid a private visit to the south of the Yangtze River. Zhang Dongguan came across a complot that involved the planned assassination of the emperor.

However, because of his predestined relationship with the emperor, he set foot on the road of peaceful and clear intentions, which assumed that it was “the road of peaceful and clear clouds, the crisis was solved step by step.”



From then on, Zhang Dongguan started his four-part life which covered the whole Han Dynasty.

Zhang Dongguan, a man of great fortune, was chosen into the Imperial Palace Dining room because the emperor mistakenly confronted him as “the first cook in the south of the Yangtze River” by his kitchen skill.

Zhang Dongguan, who did not know the rules and did not know how to cook, performed a series of comedies in the palace and was almost killed or killed several times. Despite the dangers, Zhang Dongguan, with his grassroots wisdom and unique dietary philosophy, often turns evil into good luck.



In the face of a catastrophe, Zhang Dongguan was forced to flee the palace, in the process of escape from the pursuit of the culinary skills on the road of experience.

With his superhuman talent, he made the essence of cuisine from all parts of the Chinese nation “embossed” in one oven and became a generation of chefs. After being recalled from the palace, Zhang Dongguan became the chief chef of the banquet for thousands of elders.



At the grand banquet, he compiled a set of 108 banquet recipes and founded the Manchu and Han seats.



Finally, together with his sweetheart Lu Meimei, Zhang Dongguan realized his dream of opening the largest restaurant in the capital, and also fulfilled his vow of “letting the emperor eat hundreds of meals and the people also could taste Palace food.”


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