The reason of reasons

Quotes from Laozi

The reason that can be reasoned is not the ever-one reason. The name that can be named is not the ever-one Name, Nameless, it is the mainspring of the Cosmos by name, it is the mother matrix of nature.

So be without desire to behold its inner enigma And be within desire to behold its outer image. The two are paired: enigma, image emerging the same, diverging in name.

Their sameness is the riddle, riddled dark with riddles, the entryway to outright enigma.

Tao te Ching Laozi

Bei Chan Shi, Temple of Tao, Xining

Junshan Dao, Island of lost soul, Hunan

There have been many memorable parts of my journeys.

First scene from the Taoist temple of Bei Chan Shi in Xining,
second the island of junshandao in Hunan.

And there will be more, god willing.
Mentioned on August 3rd, 2017 in Santiago de Compostella, Galicia, Spain

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