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Trolls and wannabies ..

Nothing gets more frustrating when someone who doesn’t know –

pretends he does – but does not achieve results.

In more than one instances, the boss believes the nonsense.

If you haven’t come across those, count yourself lucky.

Turkish cannon balls from 1682
Turkish cannon balls from 1682


Two years on I went to see what happened, the monkey had done a better job than expected.

He destroyed all that was built in 14 years of dedicated and hard service.

What I worked for 14 years to built ended up under a sledgehammer.

Why :

Many years later I come across same trolls in SEO.

People with little knowledge are cashing in because the boss isn’t able to comprehend.

SEO has changed radically over the years.

To bring a web page to the top, one needs to employ
lots of tools, strategies, and above all, time and time, effort.

Night for night, day by day.
Building hard earned 1 tiered .edu links, going after
2 tiered, 3 tiered links building isn’t that simple.
Establishing social media channels where there were none previously.

Building site reputation is a tedious job.
There is lots of difference between webmaster and SEO.

Slow loading pages, server latency, over-sized scripts, etc etc… you name it.

It can’t be made clear to those without a hint.

Graphics, videos, twitter, instagram, fb.
And all along hashtags are a spanish landscape
for some, unknown territory.

128 high tiered backlinks are wiped off the seo landscape
after frustration sets in.

It took 3 months of hard work to move its Alexa rank
from 4’600’000 to 2’300’000.

SEO GRAPHIC 2.3.2017
SEO GRAPHIC 2.3.2017

SEO ON MAR 02 2017

seo graphic 30.5.2017
seo graphic 30.5.2017



Let’s see in three months where we are.

africasiaeuro trolls and wannabies
africasiaeuro trolls wannabies