Why do we long for Christmas ?

In memorial of Christmas

A long time ago. When we were young, Christmas was something to look forward to. Boring isn’t it.

Each year the same. Coming back again, the feeling of nostalgia. Mother used to bake all these Christmas cookies, sweets, making egg liquor.

Where has all this disappeared to? Are we for real or are we just kidding ourselves. Soon Christmas trees will be all forgotten, relics of a time gone by.

Who cares for Xmas trees in our modern time. Nothing was more exciting when we went into this sleeping little town nestled between mountains :


Watching toys in showcase of the local toys seller, electric model trains zooming in and out of their tunnels.



Running in 10 inch deep snow in our boots, fingers stiff from cold. All was part of it.

When Christmas came, the lights on the tree were shining as bright, lit by real candles rather than LED s.


Surely much more riskier than today, yet also more romantic. Trees were real, unlike today. Plastic trees are horrible, to say he least.

The scent of fresh fir needles filled the living room, lights off, we were singing Holy night.


When the Vienna boys quire started singing, we all followed.

Patiently waiting for the Xmas eve meal, we were starving ourselves the whole day in expectation.


In a brown loaf a juicy ham was baked, hot and steaming it appeared when the loaf was finally cut. The Mayo salad was an artist chef’s dream, peas, carrots, potatoes, Lyon sausage ( real one ) cut , pickled cucumbers, nothing was left to chances.

Silent night, everyone was feasting.


Opening presents was always followed immediately.

The hardwood heavy skis that one had to struggle with. Ski boots from real cows leather rather than plastic molded shoes, pairs of thick hand knitted socks came from the home factory.

Grandma knitted thick pullovers from shredded wool or Acrylic.   There was no money for luxuries back then.


Winter jackets were not yet insulated as they are today, no hollow fiber, no advanced insulation layers were available.

A beautiful tree was standing in our living room, giving us happiness for the next 2 weeks to come.


Yes we enjoyed Xmas. We waited for Xmas for a whole year.

No extra presents were available, all was saved until that special occasion. It was a real Christmas.

For all these reasons, we still feel Xmas is real. As long as we live we shall feel this way.


Hard to change old customs.

With this we wish you a marry Xmas, happiness and blessings for the coming new year.

Christmas is real. More than ever.

We all need Christ the savior.

Those who don’t believe it now will do so in the future.


father xmas rocking



Two years ago we spent Xmas in Beaune, and Dijon, the Bourgogne, France . Many pictures are unpublished until now. We will put them up sooner or later.


Xmas video from Hanoi


The incredible Elida Almeida

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