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YACHT CRUISE on MEKONG river Thailand


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Date: 2013-05-30 21:33:09

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Yacht cruise mekong river Laos Vietnam China Cambodia Thailand – AFRICASIAEURO-
– Mekong river blues high speed yacht ride .
High speed yacht traveling through rapids and river bends at extreme speeds – captains are very well trained and know each bend of the river . Passing through the rain forest of Myanmar one can see the dense forest , with Burmese people rushing to the banks of the river when hearing the noise of the two turbo charged whining boat engines approaching . We were on a 1000 miles journey.

Traveling Along the Mekong Delta River
“You can never step in the same river twice”, as the saying goes. Asia’s third longest watercourse (after the Yangtze and Yellow rivers of China), the Mekong, which originates in the Tibetan plateau at an elevation of 5500m, changes dramatically as it winds it way down through six nations to empty in the East Sea. I have never followed the entire length of this great river, although I have visited many portions of it at different times.
Langcang Jiang is the Chinese name for the Mekong. Flowing for 1826 km through the country, this is the narrowest, steepest and wildest part of the river. In China, it is known as one of the three parallel rivers – though one of the other two, the famous Chang Jiang, nonetheless breaks the tacit commitment by making a sudden turn at Shiguzhen near Lijang to flow west-east, traveling the entire length of the Middle Empire to North China Sea. The other two continue their north-south course, and in the case of Langcang Jiang, flows to the Lao border town of Huayxai.
The boat trip into Laos from Huayxai to Pakbeng took me about eight hours. Eight hours sitting on the floor, with hardly any free space to stretch my legs, would have been incredibly long, had it not been for the beauty of the scenery that could be seen through the boat’s large windows. In contrast with the wildness of the river in China, the sight of blue mountains appearing at each turn gave rise to a serene feeling. There was not much traffic on the river, except for some local long-tails passing by from time to time, making such noise that one couldn’t help but wonder whether they had mistakenly put helicopter engines in them. Sometimes, we would see fishermen, sitting alone on their wooden boat or on a rock, patiently waiting. Mae Kong is home to the three largest fresh water fishes: the Mekong giant catfish (Pangasianodon gigas), the giant Pangasius, and the Siamese giant carp. All of them can grow up to three meters long, and weigh 300 kg. Naturally, no fisherman expects to have the giant fish caught on their hook every time they go fishing. Only two or three such fishes are caught in a year, and that already suffices to put them at risk of extinction. Sadly enough, as long as gourmets in Bangkok’s high-end restaurants are still ready to pay substantial sums for a plate of Pangasius steamed with ginger, the survival of these fishes will remain endangered.
Luang Prabang – another eight hours into Laos by boat from Pakbeng – is one of the jewels that can be found along the Mekong. The town is situated on a peninsula formed by the confluence of the Mekong as it flows eastward from Huayxay and Pakbeng, and the Nam Kha River. The former capital of a Buddhist kingdom, and the residence for both the French governor and Lao King under French protectorate, the town has both a well-preserved Buddhist heritage in the form of temples and monastic communities, and strong colonial heritage manifested through colonial-style shops, restaurants and houses. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the town has been receiving an increasing number of tourists who are attracted by the relaxed atmosphere of the local life, the charm of its numerous historical sites, and the natural beauty of its surroundings. Apart from the classic city tour and other lovely land excursions, visitors coming to Luang Prabang rarely miss the opportunity to cruise up the Mekong to visit Pak Ou cave where thousands of big and small Buddha statues stand, and to watch the scene of local women, skirts rolled up, washing clothes as children play on the river banks.

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