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JULY 2, 2013

Not sure what inspires one to write about a certain celebrity who has captured his interest, So in the case of Alyssa Milano. Though she is a strange person to me in particular, I find her inspiring enough to post her video on this page. So go and watch if you like and read more about Alyssa Milano here: ALYSSA MILANO

June 15th, 2012

The longer I experience personal interactions with people the more intensified the
feel of enstrangement.

No more do I want to hear sounds and utterings of sheer nonsense from humans around me.
It has all come to a vacuum where I am intolerable towards the imbeciles

Why does the over prudent dog bury its bones in the endless sand ? For want of.. more things ??

17.08.2012 - Kiev, Ukraine

17.08.2012 - Hongkong, China.

  • August 17, Hong Kong, (PETA) members, painted green, came to. the famous luxury brand Hermes store placards to protest the. requirements of Hermes to stop using animal fur products..

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Chinese menus delicious dishes

Sexy tv reporter - 
Best models (youtube )

August 3 rd, 2012

Came across these videos whilst posting on youtube

From the number of views one can tell this is something else. Not being disappointed sometimes we see some thumbs that don't refer to the actual clip. This is different..

July 15 th, 2012

Did tell you the name is 'strange blog' . And not without a reason. There are hundreds of pictures to posts here, and they contain scenes and motives from different parts of the world.

Nowhere else did I experience more cultural delights than in the PRC China.

China is the top favorite countries, regardless what anyone believes - or is made to believe.
Chinese people are friendly, hospitable, open to foreigners.. One never gets bored, one will
enjoy all that China has to offer.

The magnificent Imperial palace within the Forbidden city is testimony to the many wonders of China.

Watch it here : ( Du bist wea de Wintasun de nua on monchn Togn scheint ..)

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EU - ESM scenario