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Bludenz Mark

Bludenz sight venue of the white damsel Rosenegg mentioned.
Photographie sur Bludenz et ses environs
Not far from Old Montfort is the lovely village of Klaus. For those Who want to extend their tour, should ascend up the Viktorsberg near Röthis
Viktor Berg, also Vogelsberg, south of Fraxern, separated  by a deep mountain gorge, is called 'middle Mountains', with its continuation of the highest point on the "ball", how it is called. This mountain owes its name to the holy Victor, Pope and Martyr, of who, a highly venerated relic is retained, It has no village, no hamlet, only scattered houses.
The parish church, in close vicinity of the living quarters, stands with the former Minorites  monastery, where you can find the parsonage and the school itself  on a beautiful hill projection. The church, formerly the abbey church is pretty, and in particular, has two beautiful stained glass paintings, of St. Viktor and St. Francis of Assisi.

This well-shaped mountain with its quaint buildings grants a great view already out of Feldkirch,  an exceedingly pleasant sight, but it also offers extensive and delightful vistas over the neighborhood, which it dominates.
Besides the city is pleasantly busy FeldMrch (Feldkirch) the eye can count still 25 villages with a friendly landscape that it overlooks here. Historical books tell of a time, that once on the Viktor mountain, a royal court  (curtis regia) was situated with a hunting castle, where Charles the fat had stayed often.
At the same time there also lived St. Eusebius. He was by birth a Scotchman, and profession of the famous Benedictine monastery of St. Gallen.  His special love for solitude led him to ask abbots Harmut permission to be allowed to withdraw entirely into a wasteland. 
With the blessing of the abbot he moved around the year 850 on the Viktor Berg and lived there for many years locked in his cell.  He left the bower only rarely, but lectured and taught all those who made pilgrimages to him, from his windows. 
But once he climbed down to preach God's word, after Prederis, a little place that is below Rankweil 's Blach field.  When he was satisfied of his religious zeal, he layed exhausted from the heat of the day under a linden tree down to slumber.
But at the same hour came many pagan farmers along the way.  When they saw the Christian enemy they cut off his head with a scythe. 
They buried the head  after their misdeed, St. Eusebius, however, took his head with his right hand, took three  rounds and went up towards Viktor Berg.
Emperor Charles the Fat had been his friend, and as such often came to him to the hermitage, where  the hermit predicted  many things in the future. 
In the year 885 the named emperor gave the Church of Röthis with all its buildings,  serfs, fields, meadows and alpine pins to the St. Gallen, but with the commitment to host and cater for the 12 pilgrims on Viktor mountains.
Under this circumstance the origin of the local monastery has to be sought. Of St. Gallen, which performed to this end a monastic building, it became property of the Counts of Montfort.
Rudolph VII gave the same 1381 to the Franciscans Order.  In 1782 it was abandoned. - From the royal court and the hunting-lodge - by the way - no trace to discover any longer.
From : Historical Bludenz  and surroundings

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