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Prime Laos coffee (Special edition for  Migraines sufferers)

Coffee delight - relieve from migraines

when and where Migraines attack manifests itself. Migraines is a too common term used in today 's terminology and really does not indicate the root cause of the problem. All we feel is the agonizing pains, headaches - dreadful symptoms that can paralyze a man and woman.

Caffeine in coffee beans helps the body's metabolism and increases heartbeat rate, thus the blood supply to the brain is increased.

When we are young - nobody complains of migrains - except in minor cases where problems of over weight - associated with wrong  nutrition. (Vegan diet)- is concerned. In most cases migraines attack the older generation, the professionals, all those who have little time to look after their body's physical wellbeing.

Not without a reason - our body tells us something is wrong.

Headaches are a clear sign of a deficiency within our body.  There are numerous causes for that - one important factor overlooked is the bodiy 's inability to expell its toxins, or wastes. This is also the reason for those physically inactive suffering from twice as much migraine 's related symptoms. A good workout fitness - member - regularily conducted - brings many benefits to the human organism, the body 's ability to ' sweat out ' its toxins is thus enhanced.

In my physically inactive period I suffered from excruciating headaches which were non treatable at the time -

- and other analgesics did not perform. Coffee helped - to a limited extent - the breakthrough came after I started regular workouts.

During the excercises I noticed one in particular which seemed to relieve me almost instantly. - I noticed my head turn red - a sign of increased blood flow to the brain - and with it came the relieve. Vascular problems may have aggrevated the symptoms, still I was able to find remedy myself. I had been to numerous physicians - and traditional healing practitioners  - hospital stays included.

When suffering migraines we feel left - to right sided headaches. No remedy seems good enough.

Feverview can give relieve, often it needs time to show its effectiveness, depending on each individual 's state of health in general. In my case feverfew did not relieve my migraines. Numerous other herbal remedies are available, one I found mentionsworthy is the :


Tibet detox tea

manufactured by the Tibetan herbal institute. Its herbal components are harvested from high altitudes in Tibetan mountains and its purity is certified.  I am consuming the detox tea regularily - as a preventive measure - to clear toxins without side effects.

Now to our theory regarding the consumption of coffee with regard to migraines. Coffee is being roasted.

During the roasting process one thing happens - the dried beans are now being partially carbonized (controlled). The same effect that make Activated carbona wonderdrug - is being applied to coffee beans. This has numerous advantages for the migraines sufferer, auch as :

  • 1. Binding toxins in endocrine system ( acidic substances, toxic foods, etc.) through the carbons ability to bind those in molecular form. Binding takes place by hygroscopic action of carbon particles in coffee (roasted). This contributes to a speedy decrease of  toxicity in blood and as a result - in addition to caffeine action - headaches are either totally - or partially subsiding ( depending on each individual 's case).
  • 2. Fatty acids originating in cooking oils, and / or trans fats in food can make it more difficult for the carbon to absorb - and as a result may take much longer, and more cups of coffee is needed to resolve the problem ( exceptions are chronic health problems - associated with hepatic problems - where coffee must be taken cautiously) The choice of cooking oils is another factor where you can influence your own migraine reducing factor. Long chain fatty acids such as found in Palm oil fatty acids ( hydrogenated, refined ) contain toxins such as caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide in tiny amounts, and therefore cause more problems to the consumer. In addition Palm oil derivates are difficult to digest - due to its long chain molecular structure. Therefore - for your own sake - switch to oils such as coconut oils ( non refined - cold pressed preferable) sheabutter ( never mind the taste ) olive oil , safflower oil, always look for a cold pressed variety.

Now that you find the way to combat migraines - start living correctly. Exercise , eat healthy, keep a vegan day, keep a fasting day (easier said than done) and drink lots of - NO SODA - but WATER, pure fresh water. . But we can become more conscious about our food intake and the way we live.

All said please consider your own physical - and mental state of health. The following warning has been issued by health authorites regarding the consumption of coffee - read carefully 

I hope this will help some sufferers of dreadful migraines to ease their problems, I don't see why it should not if all points are considered.

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