Meditation part 1

shaolin temple
shaolin temple

– When posing in a “double knot seating position”, eyes viewing the tip of one’s nose, one does not look around, but stays focused.

– With “eyes cast down, nose pointing to the mouth, and the mouth viewing one’s heart”, one can control body and mind.

– Your waist must be straight, it should be a relaxed position; therefore one cannot bend down, neither Should the body be turned crooked towards the left, nor slanting towards the right.

– This vision is comparable to a bell, well stabilized, motionless, without swinging, not like a clock pendulum and shaking and swinging towards west and east.



– In double cross legged seating position the posture only then conforms with meditation practices.

One begins the studies of imperial sacrifices – a task of which the human mind is not familiar with.

– Whilst one’s legs will hurt in such position, with the waist sore; achieving the inner peace makes the physical discomfort unimportant.

– One clenches his teeth in order to endure patiently for a while, as our nature never experienced this kind of phenomenon; “being seated for a long time in this manner is called the imperial sacrifice”.

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