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And yet, not a day or even an hour goes by ..

– AND YET, NOT A DAY NOT EVEN AN HOUR goes by where I don’t keep thinking.

Where we once walked now I walk. OBERLAA, AUHOF, THE CENTER, SCS, and many other places.

The question will never leave me. Why did it have to be this way.
THE MAINSTREAM has already forgotten, without remorse our lives continue. We are faced with daily challenges of nonsense.
Chores no matter what, will end in the same quagmire once, where havings won’t matter, where nothing matters anymore.

– ‘A Rosnblattl auf da Gstettn, a Wiesn wo da Wind a Musta eineblost, a poa Bluman de da gfoin tetn, und dest ahfoch steh lossn host. Ollas ondere zoeht ned mea ois wiara Hond voi Soiz im Mea, ollas ondre zoeht ned mea ois wiara Hond voi Soiz im Mea ..’

‘ A leaf of a Rose in the wilderness. A meadow where the wind has blown in a pattern.
A few flowers which you would have liked, but left them simply growing.
Everything else does not count anymore, like a hand full of salt in the sea.

The thunder and lightning gets too much for me.
I walk in the middle of green fields full with flowers and grass.
The rain hits my umbrella. I feel it on my shoes and trousers so I return.
I hope you heard my words: I miss you …

The season has changed. It is cold out. Oberlaa has 7 degrees, Untergaisberg even less. I brought my own heater.

Temperatures continue to drop in Austria. In the West we experience 1-2 degrees less than in the East. Rain, rainy days full of it.

Caught a cold which has lasted about 2 weeks, not sure from where, but the trains seem to be the most logic place.

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