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Laos coffee has an excellent taste as a result of its organic origin Volcanic natural soil. We are happy to bring this to you more from Laos coffee Arabica, with its splendid taste and fragrance - africasiaeuro. 

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According to a new study carried out by Environmental and Science Management, the Pacific Ocean is now showing increased levels of Caffeine, a driect result of high consumption of coffee in Pacific Northwest. This study shows alarming trends, even though we are advocating drinking coffee. Read more here : Oregon coast shows caffeine pollution

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Lao coffee grows abundantly in fertile volcanic soil on Bolaven plateau of Champasak province Laos. Laos coffee Arabica. This is the famous 'Kopie Luwak', exotic coffee beans with a difference. Devoured, and expelled by the Asian civet, this coffee has a hefty price tag - and is a favorite amongst coffee connoisseurs. With coffeehouses sprouting up around the globe faster than mushrooms - one needs to wait and see till STARBUCKS will enter the connoisseur race. 

Prime Laos coffee

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Visited a couple in Pakse - Bolaven , she from Paksong, Laos - he is Dutch, we found them involved with Kopie Luwak. Farms have sprung up in Vietnam, Indonesia as a result of the high sales price. However, the real connoisseurs insist - only the 'wild' variety is the ultimate taste and fetches the highest prices.

French colonialists first introduced coffee to Laos a century ago. The French experimented with a variety of other crops in Indochina, including Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

During experiments it was found that Coffee was the most lucrative crop after opium. As a result Laos coffee as it was known became popular amongst farmers in Vietnam and Laos. Prime Laos coffee was made from Robusta beans which was imported from the region to plant. 

In order to obtain the most precious  roast local coffee manufacturers use a special technique which was found to be best in results. Roasted in stainless steel drums,  a master roaster adds the following : sugar and a little cognac,  Courvoisier, which was imported from their home country France. 

Ever since its introduction, the roasting method has survived alongside with the roasting equipment.  It seems as time had stood still in Bolaven. 

You may savor your own cup of coffee the typical Laos way : either pitch black, or with condensed milk as a sweetener, both of which are nice. The 'Milk Cafe' variety reminds me of a 'Melange' in our own native Austria.  - End of  post -

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Source: via Ghana 

Kopie Luwak is harvested from the Asian civet cat which itself found Kopie Luwak palatable. In early morning people gather their droppings in the vast coffee plantations ( as on picture above ). Its steep pricetag has been a major drive behind Vietnamese civet cat farmers to gather their version of Kopie Luwak, yet real connoisseurs prefer the ' wild ' variety of Kopie Luwak - rather than the domestic version.

Kopie Luwak

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