Worst nightmare foods you think are good

It comes as a nightmare

Finding out what you have been eating is in fact poison. And you enjoyed it. It simply did not occur to you that this is actually what causes most of health problems in the world today.

I am talking about what my friend the great Anton Hornung advocated twenty years before his untimely death :

Canned foods are a complete no go. Take it or leave it. We all know that canned food must be preserved, and the choice of agent here is : Benzoic acid.
And yet, the following graphic does not even tough the subject of preserving agents such as Benzoic acid. It rather focuses on the can itself. Or what its made of. The compounds which are used in the canning industries.

READ THIS GRAPHIC carefully. It may change you mind of how you look at your food intake.

Worst foods 1
Worst foods 1

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