THIS video about pesticides in the Cameron highlands shows the gravity of the problem

Not only urban areas pesticidal contamination has to be checked

More than one suffers from consequences of pesticidal contamination. We are all affected, as dangerous and toxic chemicals find its way to the foodchain.

Drinking water is as much affected and contaminated as our vegetable crops, and our bread in particular.

This should give you an idea of how bad pollution has become.

Watch the video, it may create more understanding about the problem we face.

Title Drinking water contamination in the Cameron highlands of Tanah Rata and Ringgit


This is the recommendation of the late Tony Hornung :

Combat yeast :

Own remedy: P.H. improvement ; Increase alkaline levels ( p.h. 7.4 + ) by drinking alkalized water day in day out ; apply raw Basil ( rub it between palms then to afflicted areas ; take a sitzbath ( water level only up to below hipbone, not reaching hip complete, remain there 30 min ) ;

Stinging nettle, yarrow, horsetail  ( hand full each, water enough to cover as above ) soak tea overnight ; bring to boil next morning, turn off fire, leave for 10 min ) ; wash afflicted parts before entering sitzbath with a mild soap ( savon de Marseille, savon d’Aleppo, African black honey soap, not any of the cheap soaps obtained in supermarkets, rinse well ) ;

mix boiled tea and water in Sitzbath, remain seated for 30 min ) . Do not rinse after. Do that morning and evening. Food habits must change, sugars including wheatflour skipped ; Fruits and vegetables normal ) Increased yeast is mostly related to your weak immune system, white flour ( tertiary sugar) intake will negatively affect it.
Drink tea mixture 3 cups daily morning afternoon night – 1 Teaspoon (*mix yarrow, ladys straw, stinging nettle) , boil, leave for 3 min.drink when less hot.


No assurances are given, these are the recommendation by the late Toni Hornung. ( We follow his method and we found it worked. )

Christmas 2015 French perhaps

Paris France in Christmas 2015

Spending Christmas abroad – in France perhaps ?

Consider a trip to France and its countryside such as the Loire region. 200 km south of Paris is where you ‘ll find some treasures beyond your imagination. The only problem will be your French language skills, but this is easy once you move away from your stereotype rolling of tongue.

Think of French as a different language where one does not have to roll vocabulary in his or her mouth.


Candida – follow these rules

Candida Albicans

Candida Albicans is a menace to mankind so to speak. Some simple rules to keep Candida in check :

1. Sugar – is their food – and that includes all tertiary sugars, white bread, sandwich, etc etc.
The problem : We crave for sugar, and why is that so : Some of the reason is found in your gut. We consume bread – which contains not only tertiary sugars (starch), carbs, but also the now infamous  Glyphosate.

Glyphosate destroys bacteria in your intestines. Whatever, whichever someone tells you, Glyphosate is a killer to plants – and beneficial bacteria in your gut.
What should we eat ? Make sure your bread is ORGANIC. Or – bake your own bread, bread making machines are found everywhere. USE ORGANIC flower ( to buy in health shops etc. ). It costs more, but you save that in medical fees.

2. Fats – Especially cooking oils. If you have to use them, use only coconut oil ( medium chain fatty acid ), can be digested easily by your organism. Refined oils, including trans fatty acids are almost like plastic, they can only be digested by wolves or lions perhaps. Remember : Even palm oil in its present form is from a G.M.O. seed. I experienced the difference personally when I was offered a dish in Africa with natural palm oil ( it’s fruits are much smaller, tastier, and are harvested from a palm that grows 10-12 m high).

Some smart folks changed the palm, grown worldwide, now into a new hybrid, that is hardly 5 m in height, and its bunches four times the size of its natural cousin. The difference is astonishing. Whilst the G.M.O. variety gave me constant indigestion ( you swallow plastic – long chain fatty acid ) the original palm oil had no effect whatsoever. What does that tell you?

In China, where cooking oils cause mega cancer deaths ( the women frying their food with lots of oil ), the problem is even worse. Since we are ‘ refined ‘ oils to make it look transparent, adding caustic soda, and bleaching it in the process, we are causing ourselves harm.

So cut that fat out ( you know where to look ).

4. NOW we can apply an effective ‘ terminator ‘. Candida, like other pathogens thrive in PH  6.5 and lower conditions (acidic). We adjust our P.H. upwards by eating alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water ( 6.8 -7.0) There are those who advocate ‘ KANGEN ‘ water. KANGEN water has a P.H. level of 9. It did cause me heart palpitations, and generally unwell feeling. I do not recommend it. But you can read more about it. The investment is high for a ‘ KANGEN ‘ machine. It costs approximately 4000 plus U.S.$, needs to be serviced ( sent to the company for cleaning etc.) This makes the KANGEN water expensive.

There is a cheaper alternative. It does basically the same, reduces the P.H. in the water you drink, and breaks down chlorine and other harmful chemicals in the water. See our video how it works.

alkaline water maker



It takes months before your body s P.H. value changes to a more alkaline state, it depends on your eating habits mostly.

It changes your life however. We performed a P.H. Test for our water, it came out 7.4 P.H. The KANGEN demo team was stunned, for we did not use a KANGEN machine.

5. Kill it – One of the best eradicator for CANDIDA ( superficially and internally ) is the  : BERGAMOT fruit. However, when using BERGAMOT fruit.




Use it topically on skin and destroy Candida instantly on contact. There is no ‘ drug resistant ‘ candida when it comes to Bergamot. Remember, don’t consume it though. Bergamot is highly acidic, in addition, and you do not want to destroy you balanced P.H. Your hair will shin like new after a rinse with Bergamot.

6. No improvement ? There is the ‘ Schwarzenegger ‘ of all. Its natural, and its inexpensive. Normally, if you follow above, your candida will recede.

7. De tox with Pai du cha, the Tibetan herb grown above 4000 m in clean air. It cleanses your organism, as it did for emperors thousands of years ago ( though, they also passed away !)




Adding, Candida is stubborn. Articles : Dr. Tullio Simincini – his findings are revolutionary :

cancer ph

cancer ph

6. Compiling : Natural methods work, anti fungal formulations are questionably effective, and cause side effects. But, the choice is yours. I only tell you what worked.



Yogurt internal wash

Yogurt intestinal wash with lemon

Yogurt with fresh lemon honey recipes intestinal wash.

The benefits of yogurt, honey and fresh lemon.

– Clears fat in small intestine. Bacteria in yogurt helps digest fat dairy. Sweet honey for microorganisms to grow. When eating yogurt, honey and fresh lemon juice ‘wash’ the intestine .

lemons detox


Worst nightmare foods you think are good

It comes as a nightmare

Finding out what you have been eating is in fact poison. And you enjoyed it. It simply did not occur to you that this is actually what causes most of health problems in the world today.

I am talking about what my friend the great Anton Hornung advocated twenty years before his untimely death :

Canned foods are a complete no go. Take it or leave it. We all know that canned food must be preserved, and the choice of agent here is : Benzoic acid.
And yet, the following graphic does not even tough the subject of preserving agents such as Benzoic acid. It rather focuses on the can itself. Or what its made of. The compounds which are used in the canning industries.

READ THIS GRAPHIC carefully. It may change you mind of how you look at your food intake.

Worst foods 1

Worst foods 1

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Why do we abuse our body ? No one really knows. A combination of factors may be responsible.

Some say : We smoke because it’s cool to smoke, because others do it. We drink because others do. And so on.
What you may not know is, when the drinker, or the smoker runs into health problems.

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Lemon detox

Lemon detox